ESGR is Participating in the 1940 Census Community Indexing Project

The Erie Society for Genealogical Research is now registered as a participant in the community index project, and there are a couple training videos here which will help you if you haven’t indexed before or need help setting up an individual account.

There is a lot of helpful information on the 1940 Census website, or follow the steps below.

Getting Started is Easy:

Download and install the free software program for indexing.

Register as an indexing volunteer and at the group prompt, select ESGR from the list of participating societies. By doing so, you will identify yourself as a member of our society, and the ESGR will earn credit for whatever you index.

If you had previously registered for an indexing account and now wish to associate it with ESGR’s project, let me know and I will help you make that change.

The release of the census is around the corner but, in the meantime, feel free to download the 1940 census simulation batch, or download and practise using a batch in the live record queue.

What About An Indexing Party?

The first week of April will be insanely busy for me, but after that I was thinking it might be fun to get a few ESGR members together, at an Internet-friendly coffee shop perhaps, and do  some indexing while sipping a cup of coffee (or three) and enjoying a nice chat!  Comment here or email me privately if you think you might be interested and I’ll suggest some dates and times.

Thanks so much for volunteering to help!

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