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If you’re not already a member of the Erie Society of Genealogical Society, you may not be aware that they have been been publishing a bulletin, quarterly, for the last 30 years. Aside from Society news, the bulletin has published a wealth of index information and original records found in the Society’s holdings or extracted from materials available at the Erie County Historical Society and the Erie Public Library’s Heritage Room.

An index of volume’s 1-25 is available on the ESGR website here, and if you cannot pay a visit personally to the history center on State Street or the Heritage Room at the library, where copies of the complete set of Keystone Kuzzins are available, the society offers a search and copy service for a small fee.

Some of the items included in the index are

  • extracts from a variety of 18th & 19th century Erie County family bibles
  • listings from cemeteries with Revolutionary War veterans
  • transcripts of detailed death registers printed in early Erie City Directories
  • extracts of articles from early area newspapers
  • historical articles such as a story on Erie Co. post offices in 1840
  • marriage records from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 1828-1849
  • Civil War Navy enlistments 30 August 1862
  • Property Assessment lists 1800-1803 for Northwest Pennsylvania
I don’t believe any of this information is currently available online. Take a look at the index for other treasures you might find there!


ESGR Keystone Kuzzins Database — 4 Comments

  1. Welcome to the blogging world. I wish you the best in your new venture.

    I am a researcher for a nonprofit organization that works with Native American genealogy. My research blog is here

    Since you research the region that I am currently researching in, I will be following your blog for a while in hopes of picking up some pointers.

    Perhaps you would keep an eye out for some of these people. They have rather unique names and occupations, so you are very apt to take notice of them if you encounter them. Unfortunately, we have no funding for research beyond a few online database subscriptions.

    > Dr. Laton Kanistanaux aka Thomas Laton Kindness / Kiness

    > Marleah Kanistanaux – traveled as an Indian Doctress extensively

    > Lee-o-netto Kiness / Kanistanaux / Dodge (m.Charles J. Dodge at Kinzua in 1888) – traveled as an Indian Doctress extensively

    > Dr. Isaac Kiness / Kindness / Kanistanaux (at Stockton NY and in Steuben Co. 1870s & 1880s, was in Tioga Co. PA late 1890s to early 1900s)

    They are all “Indian Doctors” and sometimes traveled with “shows”. The two doctress specialize in “Women’s problems”.


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