Research Projects

These are projects whose duration depends on the complexity of the research goals. They are billed at an hourly rate and involve research plans, prepared and agreed upon in advance, with periodic reviews and adjustments as needed.  All research is performed according to industry standards, and is conducted confidentially and ethically. Clients receive a detailed report of research performed and all findings; copies or extracts of all relevant records used in the research; and complete citations of all source material.

Genealogical Research

  • “Brick wall” Problems
  • Kinship Determinations
  • Lineage Society Applications
  • Locating Descendants
  • Biographies
  • Compiled Genealogies
  • Family Histories

Rates & Availability

The scope of a project is based on each client’s individualized needs.

For information on fees, availability and other questions commonly asked by prospective clients, see FAQs for Clients